8 Aug 2014


Assalamualaikum n morning! 

Have you ever had a sudden crave for something and could not tolerate anything less than what you had in mind?  

Yup, I did. It happened yesterday. Eventhough cold weather, i still insisted to eat/drink the ais jagung. Alhamdulillah! Sedap sgt. Thanks to my lil sis who's sincere to prepare it for me. 

Here i m gonna share the ingredients to make it. The amount for the ingredients are depends on your own taste buds. Kalau nak manis, bubuh la lebih sikit air gula. If u are not sweet tooth, kurangkan manis dalam minuman tambahkan manis dalam senyuman. Senang, bukan.

Ais ketul 
Air gula
Jagung manis dlm tin
Susu cair
Jelly (optional)
Ais krim perisa jagung (optional)

Cara membuat:
Blend ais secara halus. Then, masukkan ke dlm mangkuk. Add in air gula, susu cair, jagung manis. Tambahkan jelly n ais krim. Masa nak makan/minum, kacau dgn rata then sedut guna straw besar. Mudahkan! Sekian, xoxo. 

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