15 Aug 2014


Assalamualaikum... Salam jumaat sayyidulayam..i m still at the hosp. Waiting for the confirmation letter from the doctor. 

Insha Allah, today high possibility maklong can be discharged. Due to today is Friday, so a bit dragging the time. Hari jumaat, Masa rehat utk gov staff pjg compare with the other day. So we just wait and see. 

Ttiba teringat masa bersalin Baby Harith d hosp Selayang. I hav been warded for a week! Baby in a very good condition, but mommy in a danger zone: sudden high blood pressure & chronic edema. Hahaha.. Kalu ingat balik mcm kelakar je sb i was look like michelin due to water retention. Mula2, trauma. But after 3 months i delivered baby, pasang niat nak preggy lagi. Wah! Motherhood is amazing! 

In shaa Allah, next pregnancy tunggu baby Harith besar dulu. Kita curah kasih sayang dgn byk utk beliau spy membesar dgn happy kuat dan sihat. 

Nanti-nanti i buat entri khas story about bersalin baby Harith k. 

Ok, get to go. I m starving tahap gaban dh ni.. Hav n't lunch yet. Lapar... Lapar. xoxo. 

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