4 Oct 2014

Happy birthday lau kong!

Dating time between us on last thursday! Tak plan pun. Hubs got meeting at area of shah alam, coincindent lunch time hr and beliau terus ring ring patik utk ajak lunch. 
So, aku pun plan wanna treat him with lunch special ckit kat southern thai. Actually, his birthday was 29 sept. Lmbt bberapa hari celebrate since both of us busy like crazy with our job. Sabo jer la. 

Happy birthday hubs! We know each other many years and still I have the butterflies feeling in my stomach when I thinking of you. I want to reach for the sky and bring you a star. A star that will guide you on every way you turn. I want you to know that you are the best husband ever and my true lucky star. Happy birthday my darling! 😍😘💏👊💖💋🎂🍰ðŸĢ🍞 xoxo.

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