20 Aug 2014


Assalamualaikum... Hectic day! Today i m  a bit chaotic, i hav to handle everything by myself. My hubs gets chicken pox! At first, he told me that he's sick n feel so painful at the backbone. Then, he complained why suddenly he got so many pimple on his face this morning?! 

What?! Pimple?! He felt strange coz he never had pimple previously. Oh my Allah! I dh agak dh. Thats not pimple but it's chicken pox! Haru biru jap sb di usia tua beliau baru kena chicken pox. 

First thing what i did was: he must be quarantined from baby harith. X mau baby harith kena jangkit. Baby harith is too young. Ya Allah... Lindungilah anak kami dari jangkitan chicken pox. 

Second: i hav to go to office to settle up everything then i told my boss that i hav to go to clinic. Alhamdulillah... Semester break for students so no lecture for this moment... It is a flexible time to settle everything related with emergency case. Benda dah nak jadi... Tak kan i saja2 nak kluar office x tentu pasal kan kan...

Third:  i brought him to see doctor. Then, doc confirmed it is chicken pox. Doc gave him pills and cream and he got mc for 2 weeks. Mula la hubs resah gelisah coz he is workaholic and suppose tomorrow he has to fly to singapore for meeting. Hahaha...

Fourth n so on: hav to work as a doctor, nurse, good housewife cooks porridge for hubs until he recover but tapau nasi from kedai for myself gagagaga..; as ibu mithali, handling harith n comfort him sb i bit moody x tengok abah nya jarak dkt n mayb he feel weird why abah tak dukung dia n duduk bertapa dlm bilik sorang2..

 Pinjam patung peluk harith jap to demo how sleepy i m rite now... 

Speedy recover my lovely hubs. We love u so much! xoxo

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